In March, our class of Event Planning in Toronto held an Appreciation Dinner with the help of Ruby Sohi, instructor at ILAC International College. Planning, preparing, and hosting the dinner was part of our class assignment. Believe it or not, it was the best assignment ever!

Room 401 at the ILAC International College turned into a reception place for one evening. Saint Patrick’s Day was the theme. All of the decoration was made around this Irish culture. Glasses, cutlery, and napkins were green. Little gold shamrocks, the plant symbol of Ireland, were spread on the centre of the table. Even the music was Celtic! We owe this special ornament to our decoration’s team. They did a great job and paid attention to details, like having the name of each guest on their seats along with the menu.

The class chose to do an Appreciation Dinner to thank the staff for their work in a delicious way. We were really enthusiastic to organize everything, from beginning to the end. We never imagined how many details we had to think about to hold this kind of event. Being tidy helped, but teamwork was the key to success.

Appreciation dinner 2


We were separated in 3 groups: Food and Beverage, Budgeting, and Event Design. From Sarah, Carolyn, Dylan, as line cooks to Leticia as the front of house Manager and Gustavo as a server, they all did their best to be ready on time. Laura from Brazil, our kitchen manager, took care of the menu. The finger food called “Canapé” was inspired by one of our French classmates, and everyone loved it! Three different kinds of these little appetizers were served, allowing guests to experiment and enjoy the flavour of a toasted bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese, pear with goat cheese and honey, or a skewer of cherry tomato, bocconcini, basil and sea salt.

The main meal was grilled Chicken Caesar salad served with Parmesan cheese. To finish the dinner on a good note, we gave the best dessert they could dream about: mini fudge brownies with hot chocolate sauce. The guests appreciated the running heart of the cake when they cut it. Their faces lit up at each bite, and their satisfaction was our reward. We hope their enjoyed our event because we put our hearts into it.

Joke of the day: What’s an Irish seven-course meal? A six pack and a potato.

Character of the day: Ruby Sohi, instructor of Event Planning at ILAC International College.

Word of the day: Appreciation: gratitude, thankful recognition.

Written by Marine Gas, student blogger for the ILAC International College.