This February, The Chinese New Year comes into the main building at ILAC International College. In the Service Excellence for Business program, break time rhymes with celebration time.

Ambient music attracts our hearing, the delicious pizza smell, definitely appeals to our belly. With Chinese flags hanging on the whiteboards and red envelopes arranged on the desks, the room 405 turns into a celebration of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in China. In many countries, this important traditional occasion is celebrated for 15 days.

Yun Chia Kuo and Yuwen Huang are SEB students from Taiwan. For them, the celebration is important; laughing and smiling, they express their thankfulness, and the students and staff liven things up.

Emily Lin, Sales and Recruitment Manager, is also from Taiwan and seems deeply involved in this cultural activity. Talking to students, she takes the time to explain some interest facts about the tradition: “When you start working, you give your mother or father an envelope with lucky money inside. It means a good wish and a prosperous coming year.”

After enjoying a slice of pizza and pop, the students are ready for the fun games to thank everyone for their participation. Emily launched loudly: “The fastest five people who post a picture with anything related to Chinese New Year on Facebook, with tagging the ILAC International College page, will be given a gift: a lottery ticket to scratch. 1, 2, 3…. Go!” Tapping quickly on their smartphones, the students try their best to be creative. Who knows, maybe one of them is going to be a millionaire and won’t need to go to class tomorrow!

Emily explaining contest to student, students on their smartphones participating on the contest, students enjoying the event
Marcela Hartvig wins one ticket. With a red envelope in her hands and smiling face, she really enjoys this moment surrounded by international friends. “Food is always good to make people gather, relax and talk. I got a prize, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any money,” Marcella confessed cheerfully. A good reason to still go to class until the end of her last term.

Good luck, and this year “rule the roost” of your life!

Joke of the day: Which day of the week do chickens hate most?… Fry-day!
Character of the day: Emily Lin, Sales and Recruitment Manager – Taiwan
Advice of the day: Rule the Roost of your life = be the boss!

Written by Marine Gas, student blogger for the ILAC International College.