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On the 27th of January, the Toronto Light Festival takes place at the Distillery District, 55 Mill Street.

The Toronto Light Festival is a free light art exhibition and “visual journey“ held at the Distillery District, where visitors will experience a new adventure in the city to lighten up the dark winter days, featuring light artworks from local and international artists.

Some of ILAC International College’s students had the chance to work at this event and develop their customer service skills.

A digital origami tiger, three angels of freedom in different colours, an interactive sculpture and light projection, are some of the 21 installations that
surrounded the Distillery.

Anne-Sophie Gambier is one of the ambassadors at the festival. Bundled up in a white coat provided by the organizer, this Service Excellence for Business student practices her internship. “Giving information to the guests, answering questions about the festival and artworks, greeting them, are things I learned during the lessons and I am experiencing here,” she said. I could see her enjoying her work in spite of the snow falling. The little flakes add a touch of magic in the air. Winter is not only cold and dark.


SEB Students working at the Toronto Light Festival

From left to right, Anne-Sophie, Justina, and Larissa


Justina Klein, the event’s producer, is happy with the student’s job: “They are doing great. In my mind, the most important skill that you need to have for this kind of event is customer service.” That’s fortunate because it is exactly what we learned in the Service Excellence for Business program. According to Larissa, who has just finished the academic part of the program, the customer service class helps you with skills that you need to have if you are working in this area.

Sales training gives you the opportunity to practice talking to customers, and how to approach them. Larissa explained her feelings: “I get a lot of confidence, talking to people in general and customers especially. The training here was really great and everybody has been nice so far, so I am loving it. Furthermore, they give you the opportunity to meet the people who make the artworks, that’s pretty cool. One word to describe my experience would be ‘amazing’.” “Amazing” is exactly the feeling I had while I explored of the art festival.

A Dream of Pastures, The Magic Dance Mirror, The Angels of Freedom, or The Reactor, are some installations that will bring warmth to the city in the winter. The Toronto Light Festival will run until March 12, Sundays to Wednesdays, from sundown to 10:00 p.m., and Thursdays to Saturdays, from sundown to 11:00 p.m.


Artworks at the Toronto Light Festival


I invite you to take a trip to the Distillery and bring your friends, your coats and go to say hello to your classmates. It’s totally free and you can enjoy the delicious food sold at the food tents.

Word of the day: Amazing: really good, astonishing.

Character of the day: Anne-Sophie Gambier, one of the ambassadors at the Light Festival

Advice of the day: take time to see The Reactor, a 15’ twisting light sculpture invented by Canadian light artist, Ryan Longo.

Written by Marine Gas, student blogger for the ILAC International College.