Flavia Maciel from Maringá, Brazil is one of the hardworking students of the Service Excellence for Business Program at the ILAC International College, Vancouver.

She had the opportunity to develop more professional skills to become a successful leader full of charisma, enthusiasm and commitment. Today she tells us her story, sharing her experience and tips on completing the program.

Flavia’s journey started on March 27th, 2017 when she stepped into her first class at the ILAC International College in Vancouver. 6 months and many experiences later she shares: ”In a few days I’m going back to my country, and the feeling I have inside me couldn’t be another: Gratitude!”

“During all the time I’ve been here, you [the college] played an important role: Motivate and encourage me! Thank you! It’s not easy, as many of you know, to be so far from home, from our family and friends, to get out of our comfort zone. But with you by my side I made it!”

“As a student, I’m thankful for the knowledge shared with me. Through this course, I had the opportunity to know more how to keep working for a better customer service every day but also meet amazing people, and share experiences that I’ll take with me forever!”

During the work experience component of the Service Excellence for Business program, Flavia showcased her newly gained skills in different real-life situations.

One of the work experiences Flavia found to be very rewarding was working at the Homestay Department of ILAC, Canada’s leading English language school. “This opportunity was one of the most meaningful ones, as I had the opportunity to spend my time in Vancouver living with a great family! Despite my focus being residences, my goal was the same: to provide the best service possible for students, so they would have the same or even better experience than me. At this moment I realized the importance of all departments working together to provide the full customer service package, and how much empathy is needed and important to deal with everyone.”

Putting her experience in a nutshell, Flavia recommends future students to “pursue loyalty, not only satisfaction.”

For ILAC International College team is a privilege to have students from all over the world and recognize their achievements and motivation. Thank you, Flavia, for choosing us!

Flavia Maciel Success Story at ILAC International College Photo Collage 2


Quote of the day “Share your knowledge and experiences and trust those who are doing their best”.


In the pictures: Flavia Maciel – SEB student, Cassie Savoie – Academic Manager, Eduardo Gevenez – Practicum Placement Manager , Jaqueline Ramires – Student Service Manager, Angela Johnston – Director of Studies, David Depark – Vice President of Operations, Sayaka Mizoguchi – Homestay Director, Sofia Cardenas – Homestay Coordinator, Elena Suleymanova – Homestay Coordinator, Olga Kuznetsova – Human Resources Director , Jaqueline Mancini – Academic Ambassador, Camila Meira – Homestay Assistant, Stephanie Charusiri – Sales and Recruitment Manager, Mohammad Fallah – ESL and SEB Teacher)


Written and pictures taken by Stephany Machado – Junior Marketing Specialist.