Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”, said the American author, H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Volunteering is a good way to spend time improving your skills. We gathered 5 volunteer opportunities in Vancouver that will make an impact in your life and community.

1- Vancouver Aquarium

Have you ever thought about getting nose-to-nose with aquatic animals? Well, at the Vancouver Aquarium you can volunteer with experienced Aquarium professionals and work at their galleries, offices and library. Their programs welcome adults of all ages and youth.

Why be involved? You can expand your social network and increase your marine and conservation knowledge while gaining a valuable Canadian-work experience. Their volunteers get special discounts, field trips, and transit tickets.

Find more information HERE. 


2- Evergreen

Evergreen, a Canadian charity and international thought leader, believes in connecting people to build a flourished world! Since 1991, they transformed spaces into sustainable places. Designing school grounds, building community programs, and collaborating in transportation, housing, and water issues has been some of their incredible work. Do you dream about giving back to nature? Join them!

Why go green? Canada is environmentally friendly! Having Green Volunteering on your CV will make the difference in many Canadian companies you apply to work for in the future.

Interested? Click HERE.



3- Urban Rec

This lifestyle company offers fun, social, and active opportunities for people like you, energetic and ambitious! Whether you want to play sports, try new restaurants, run a race, or hand a Triathlon, they offer something that fits you.

Urban Rec is currently looking for volunteer Event Coordinators for their upcoming leagues. Take your chance by applying HERE.

Why joining them? It is an opportunity to improve your Event Planning skills while playing Canadian sports and having fun at a bunch of events.


4- Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Motivated, dedicated and interested in meeting volunteers who share a love for food and events? This community is for you! Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides two-day food supplements to thousands of people every week. They need a range of skills for their multiple departments: Office/Administration, Food and Education, Individual/Group Food, Community Events or Warehouse.

Why is it good for you? You put into practice your food and beverage and event planning lessons while doing a good action.

Find their volunteer opportunities HERE.



Tourism Vancouver

5- Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver’s team of 200 volunteers plays a key role in the city’s entertainment! Leave your fingerprint in Canada by helping them during specific events. You main role may be to inform tourist and giving recommendations, directions, maps, etc!

Why volunteer there? You can extend your knowledge about Vancouver’s history and embrace the culture!

Click HERE for more information on how to join. 



Quote of the Day: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”. — Elizabeth Andrewan Australian politician.

Word of the Day: Volunteer: a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Knowledge of the Day: Canada has 125,817 charities. Source from Government of Canada on 21/11/2017.

Written by Marine Gas