Our Front Desk Services classes of the Service Excellence for Business program went to visit the 5 star Hazelton Hotel in Toronto’s ritzy Yorkville neighborhood.

Discovering this luxurious establishment was an incredible honour. My classmates agreed: “It is amazing; I realized how lucky we are to visit this place. I would never have come here if it wasn’t for the ILAC International College. It gave us this opportunity” Emelyne gushed. She smiled from ear to ear throughout the whole tour. I too fell under its glamorous spell the moment I walked up to its classy facade, but the interior made me speechless- such splendor. The hotel embodies the definition of luxe, the condition of being elegantly sumptuous. And believe me, it is. From the fine carpets to the stylish chandeliers, everything has been thought out to welcome guests in the most luxurious of atmospheres.

The director of sales, Guarav Dutta, served as our guide while providing a detailed history of the hotel. He walked us through the famed Yorkville room while graciously taking questions about our future professional interests in hospitality. While some of us were undecided, others knew exactly where they wanted to be. “I am interested in Sales and Marketing”, Dylan beamed. “I would love to work as a Front Desk Agent”, Samantha admitted. As for Emelyne from France, human resources was her favorite department. Guarav Dutta seemed impressed with our wide range of interests. “Each department is essential. Every person has equal importance in the industry. We all need to communicate with each other”. He went on to tell us how he worked as a front desk agent and server before working in his current director position. For those of us still exploring our options, he encouraged us to discover our own path: “Find what you like! Find a field and fly with that!”, Guarav reassured.


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The Hazelton Hotel ©M.G

Room Visit

Our guide led us to one of the 77 rooms and suites designed by the internationally renowned interior designer, Toronto’s Yabu Pushelberg. We were all impressed by such comfort and style. “Hospitality is all about service.” Guarav explained, “Checking details and personalized services makes all the difference”.  For instance, each room comes with its own umbrella, bathrobe, toiletries, Nespresso coffee and a personal minibar. We noted that every detail had been thought of. Have you heard about a ‘pillow menu?’ Well, they have one!  If you can’t sleep, the Hazelton will give you a selection pillows to help you find the perfect head rest to get you into your sweet dreams! Although tempting, you can rest assured that no napping took place on our tour!

Our teacher in Front Desk Services, Eddy Sulaiman, appreciated our involvement in the tour. I am so grateful he gave us the chance to discover The Hazelton Hotel from a professional side. Thank you!

Character of the Day: Guarav Dutta, the director of The Hazelton Hotel sales.

Idiom of the Day:  be rest assured: be certain that something will happen

Knowledge of the Day: The Hazelton Hotel in number 1 based on trip advisor rating.

Written by Marine Gas, student blogger for the ILAC International College.