Study Permit

A student who studies in Canada for longer than 6 months at a designated learning institution (DLI)* is required to have a valid study permit.

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  • ILAC International College – DLI Vancouver- 0110957942277

The processing time of applications vary from country to country, to find more information, please visit

Upon receiving the Letter of Acceptance from a college you can apply for a:

  • Study permit
  • Co-op work permit (If your study includes an internship or work placement)

Work Permit

If you are a full time student taking a certificate, diploma or degree program and you are a holder of a study permit, you are able to work on or off campus for 20 hours per week.

Please refer to

You must have one of the following conditions or remarks on your study permit in order to work on or off campus:

  • “May work 20 hours/week off-campus or fulltime during regular breaks if meeting criteria outlined in section 186(v) or IPRP.”
  • “May accept employment on or off campus if meeting criteria eligibility criteria as per R186(f), (v) or (w).”
  • “Must cease working if no longer meeting these criteria.”

Co-op Work Permit

If your study includes a co-op or work placement, all international students are required to apply for a co-op work permit as well as a study permit.

You must submit the application for a co-op work permit alongside the study permit.

This document will allow you to work up to 40 hours per week during your co-op/ work placement and you need to present the permit before your co-op component starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Only Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and Canadian Lawyers are authorized to apply for immigration visas and permits on behalf of students.  However, our team can provide our students with guidance on general immigration issues, and refer them to immigration practitioners that can assist them with their needs.

40-week and 48-week program:

The student needs a Study Permit with the remark confirming that they can work, and a Co-op Work permit.

26-week program:

The student only needs a Study Permit with the remark confirming that they can work.

Please click here to see examples.

The students will receive these documents from the Immigration Officer at the airport or land border when they enter Canada. They must show the documentation that proves their study permit application was approved by a visa office outside Canada.

If the student applied for both documents at a visa office abroad, it is likely that they will receive both documents upon entry to Canada. However, the immigration officer can decide to only issue the study permit and ask the student to apply for the work permit closer to the date when the student will start the co-op component of the program.

If the student only applied for the study permit, it is unlikely that the co-op work permit will be issued.

If they are applying for a study permit for the first time, they do not need to complete a separate application form; however, they need to send a letter confirming that the program requires a work permit with their application. This document can be found on page 2 of ILAC International College’s Letter of Acceptance.

If they are applying when they are already in Canada, they need to apply for one of the following:

  • Study permit extension, and indicate on the form that they also need a co-op work permit; or
  • Work permit inside Canada, indicating that the type of permit required is a “co-op work permit”.

The best course of action is to apply for a study permit at a visa office abroad and include both Letters of Acceptance. If approved the student will receive a study permit document, and will not need to interrupt their studies in Canada when they reach English requirement to enter the college program.

Alternatively, students could enter Canada to complete their English requirement without a study permit but MUST have a study permit approved by the time they are planning to start their college program.  If they opt for this, the recommendation is to apply for the study permit at least five weeks in advance, and be open to the idea of changing the start date for the college studies, if they don’t receive the study permit on time.

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